ALTAIURIS | Asesoramiento y defensa en relaciones comerciales
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ALTAIURIS is a team of legal experts specialising in legal counselling and legal assistance for both companies and individuals.

For more than 25 years, with reliability and established experience

In Spain and abroad.

With vigor and professionalism.

Maintaining a constant growth of clients and business.


Like many other legal teams we offer various areas of specialism. However, unlike many other teams, our primary focus of specialism is our clients.

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At ALTAIURIS we believe in what we do, are passionate about what we do, and derive much satisfaction from delivering the results that we do.

Our clients become very close; a bond we actively seek to engender. It is our belief that failure to achieve such an intimate and mutually trusting working relationship jeopardises our ability to progress smoothly through negotiations and effectively complete all phases of implementation. However, this mutual understanding is not at odds with our ultimate objective and principal aim: to defend the interests of our clients and promote their business goals.

We work, mediate and perform, according to the needs of our clients.

Prior to agreeing to participate in a project, we conduct a preliminary analysis of our clients’ needs in order to determine the degree to which we can assist them. Regrettably, there are occasions when we decide not to pursue projects which, although interesting, we consider incompatible with – or outside – our areas of specialism.

In this sense we attempt to remain true to our strengths and limitations, with the knowledge that we will only accept cases that, professionally, we are fully able to commit our resources to.

ALTAIURIS always responds!



At ALTAIURIS we live from business activities.

Not only do we advise, mediate, negotiate – even litigate – but we also generate and promote businesses.


Because our team has an broad and realistic vision of the world of business, attributes that allow us be privileged observers of a multitude of sectors and business areas.

Because when intervening in all stages of strategic decision making we become “part of the company’s management team”.

Because, due to our expertise in various fields, we are alert to legislative changes, business trends, strategies, etc.

Because we actively involve ourselves with our clients in the process of achieving results, and improving their business.


We are an engine and channel for businesses within different sectors, fundamentally in the following:


Food industry


Internationalization of companies. Import and export processes

Renewable energies, environment and waste

Urban planning, promotion and development



We have acted as advisors in all sectors mentioned above, and as investors in a number of them as well.

The countries where we have provided our services up until today, are: Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, EEUU, Arab Emirates, Morocco, New Zealand, China and Japan.

Currently we have clients and businesses operating in these countries, and so act as advantaged advisers for those businesses.

ALTAIURIS generates business! 


We are food integrators, meaning that we research and find markets for our customers and close contracts on their behalf for the sale of their food products.

We are specialized in Spanish and Latin American markets, representing companies (supermarkets, hotels, cruise companies, importers, etc.), seeking markets for their products, participating in process optimization, and searching strategic partners or alliances to get a cheaper production in agricultural, livestock and food processing issues.

We collaborate in a direct way with the Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Spain that groups 3,397 cooperatives, representing a 100% of tobacco production, 70% of olive oil and wine production, and 60% of rice production.

Furthermore, we are closely related with the Galician fishing industry (which has the largest catching capacity in Spain, and is also the first fleet in Europe). We are advisors of guilds, ship owners and processors, such as Galician canning, which offers the highest international quality, in terms of product and packaging.

Our close relationship with Latin America allows the importation of fresh produce of the highest quality at extremely competitive prices.


We are experts in the hospitality sector.

Both in management and in the location for the purchase or sale of hotels, hotel apartments, spas, residences (students or senior citizens), unique buildings (historical, industrial, landmark, etc).

Our natural market is Europe, as we have close business operations in Spain, UK, Czech Republic, France and Portugal.

We offer our services to owners of establishments who may wish to sell a hotel or just the building, while keeping them under management. But we also work with chains that want to grow through purchases, or investors seeking the acquisition of the property and the business while it is still being operated by a third party located and provided by us.

In all these phases we have a wealth of experience and knowledge, with a current portfolio of about 1,500 hotel establishments for sale.



Advice on exporting and importing processes between Spanish and foreign companies in many operations. Some examples being:

Advisers and representatives of Marukei Katsuobushi Inc. for Europe, one of the first companies in Japan to commercialize processed tuna.

Advisors to create the export department of different companies with Spanish products (ham, salami, etc.) from Guijuelo, Salamanca, Spain.

Advisers in the exportation of olive oil from Jaen to Asian markets, especially China.

Lawyers and advisers of numerous canneries of fish products from the region of Galicia, Spain. Working on opening new markets in Europe and Asia.

Intermediates of one of the main French distribution chains, locating products in Spain to be sold in France.

Textile importers from Italy to Spain, for the sale of products in multi-brand shops.

Advisors of the New Zealand Outboard Motors Company for Europe, importing and selling its automotive equipment.

In some of our interventions we have not only located new markets, but have also advised on the creation of an international department, which allows not only close specific operations, but consolidates sales abroad continuously.

Renewable energies, environment and waste

Advisors for planning environmental policies related to business and industrial processes, and for the implementation of power generation projects.

We have excellent knowledge of the market for waste management and other industrial companies operating under environmental conditions, and which require management licenses and permissions.

We perform audits, surveys, reports and market research for the introduction of new technologies or waste management procedures for possible deployment or acquisitions.

We write project and construction management instructions for waste management of all types (landfills, electrical and electronic waste, waste from construction and demolition, recycling centers, etc.).

Some of the projects we have been involved are:

-Recycling and Containers Treatment Plant, in Comenar Viejo (Madrid)

-Disused Refrigerators Treatment Plant (Madrid)

-Landfills for non-hazardous waste in Albarreal de Tajo (Toledo), Pulpí and A Coruña.

-Treatment and Incineration Plant for municipal waste in Cerceda (SOGAMA).

-Treatment and Incineration Plant for municipal waste in Brno (Czech Republic).

Urban planning, promotion and development

We are thoroughly familiar with this sector and all phases of its processes. From locating and negotiating the terrain and the subsequent execution of works, to the final marketing and sale of the property.

We are advisors, lawyers and even partners in numerous projects of development and construction of residential buildings and offices in Spain, Morocco, Romania and Brazil; where we are now more present, participating directly in the development of residential buildings in the cities of Brasilia and Joao Pessoa.

We are expert advisers in town planning and studies about accessibility and traffic, having municipalities, provincial engineering and concessionaires as some of our clients.

We represent international companies as managers to locate and search for development projects in Spain and Portugal, acting as their current national representative for such purposes.


We have participated, occasionally as partners, in the world of communications, amongst others, in the following projects:

Development and implementation of a project based on fiber optics for “R company”, in Galicia, Spain.

Participation in the development of mobile telecommunications infrastructures in Costa Rica, working for Ericsson and America Movil (Claro).

Nokia external advisors in Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates.

Advisors for the sale of telecommunications components in Dubai.

Partners in the implementation and development of the “Masmovil” telephone company, in Spain.


At ALTAIURIS we are lawyers.

We are specialized in advising companies and individuals in the essential matters necessary for successful commercial relationships.

We are specialists in:

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Tax and Financial Law
  • Labor Law
  • Penal Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Real estate Law
  • Industrial e Intellectual property Law
  • Family based companies

Within the services we offer we should mention our consulting and emission of sentences prepare reports, representation of our clients in operations and negotiations, the legal defence at the Court House or different administrative matters, etc.

However and as a large competitive difference, everyone in ALTAIURIS firmly believes in a principle that during these years has offered us great success: the court case can be avoided.

And this could seem a contradiction for a law firm, but that’s our first approach every time when we are approached for a judicial matter

It is one thing is to avoid a court case, but another very different one to shun it. In fact every year we are active in courts all around the country, always looking to defend our clients where and whenever needed, and only when the circumstances impede a previous agreement.

Our way of understanding the profession is different.

The results also.


An office such as ours, focused on business advice and on the generation of business projects, has afforded us the opportunity to become participants in a wide variety of trading operations, mergers and alliances between companies to which we have acted as consultants.

Since our inception, and through a natural process, we have developed the role of instigators of business operations between companies, and, consequently, this has become one of our most common activities.

In this sense, we act on behalf of different Investment funds, Family Offices, investors, etc., by locating companies and industries in which to invest. In the same way, we proceed on behalf of entrepreneurs looking for financing, financial and operational partners, etc.

In order to achieve our main goal – the purpose of which is to provide the best possible service to our clients – we have partnered with a team of excellent specialists (, a company with full implementation in Galicia and northern Portugal that also trades in the international arena through our partner in the Frankfurt branch.

Needless to say, we have expansive knowledge of Spanish business practises, and our desire is for our Altaiuris to become a benchmark company for corporate operations within our areas of influence.


Our job is one of our passions but it is not the only one.

We are members of non governmental associations, devoted to the cooperation with the third world, the human rights defense and environmental issues.

We are also members of cultural and artistic organizations, and we are currently developing projects in this area.

We take active part in the development of projects in the third world. Specifically in Quote Gambia building infrastructures such as schools, clinics, etc. In addition to this we contribute to the regeneration of the Manjai’s rubbish dump, and consequently the enrollment in schools for children who used to live and work there.

In ALTAIURIS we strongly believe that, only a global vision of the reality will allows us to be efficient to it.


We will be pleased to study your request and put our resources at your disposal.

A Coruña, Spain

c/ Rosalía de Castro 13 Bajo, 15004

Madrid, Spain

c/ Almagro 11, 6º, 7, 28010

+34 649407505

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